Bayram 2012

Edmonton Azerbaijanis would like to invite you to their Novruz Bayrami celebration. As the spring is approaching, we have planned an unforgettable night to let your smiles blossom and your memories be filled with joy and happiness.

Variety of live music and dance performances, deluxe dinner buffet($50.34 value), and much more will bring light into your night. This will be our fifth Azerbaijani Bayram celebration in Edmonton. All our past parties were successful in bringing Novruz loving people together. The last Novruz Bayrami (2011) was a real blast!

A lovely room for kids with toys and movies and an experienced baby sitter will let your kids mingle and play with the other kids while you enjoy the company of friends and participate in public dance.

Please purchase your tickets as soon as you can. Seats are limited and our past experience shows that the tickets will be sold out quickly.


Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre

11727 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5G3A1

(780)452-7770 (map)


6:00pm to 11:30pm on March 24, 2012


Live music

Public dance

Lezgi dance

Yalli dance

Azerbaijani solo dance

Awesome buffet dinner!

and a lot more…


Adults (over 12) $60.00

Kids (5 – 12) $30.00

Online Purchase

Description Each Quantity Total
Adults (over 12) $60.00  add
Kids (5 – 12) $30.00  add
Total PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
Please write down the Transaction ID after payment.

Please write down the Transaction ID after payment.

Paper Ticket

If you prefer to buy paper tickets, please check out the following spot:

Bijan Optical: Hub Mall 8909 – 112 St.

Tel. (780) 434-3001


Interested in sponsoring this event, or placing an ad in our program? We would love to talk to you about opportunities to help promote your products or service at our event. Please contact us at or leave a comment below.


Similar to all our events, this Bayram is also organized and directed entirely by volunteers. We would like to thank our volunteers for their hard work and enthusiasm in making our events so successful.


An event page is created in facebook

Any comments? feedback?

Leave a comment below

See you all on Saturday March 24!

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